Terms Of Use

Please read below written conditions in order to use this website www.taypa.com.tr, operated by TAYPA TEKSTİL GİYİM SANAYİ VE TİCARAET A.Ş. (hereinafter to be referred to as "TAYPA") with the headquarters at the address of Cumhuriyet Mah. Eski Hadımköy Yolu İnciler Cihan Sanayi Sitesi C Blok 34520 Büyükçekmece İstanbul. By visiting www.taypa.com.tr (hereinafter to be referred to as the “website”) you agree, declare and undertake that you have read this Terms of Use, understood its contents and unconditionally accept those that are stated herein, and shall not assert any objection or plea in relation to these terms.

TAYPA may amend the Terms of Use and any content which appears in the website at any time without any prior notice to the visitors of the website. Such amendments shall become effective on the date that they are posted. Continued access to the website after those amendments become effective shall be deemed acceptance of such amendments by the visitors.


Service(s) refers to the application offered by TAYPA in order to ensure that the Users may obtain information about the services offered by TAYPA and perform the e-bulletin subscription, etc. transactions on the website.

Content refers to any and all kinds of visual, literary and audio images such as any kind of information, text, file, picture, video, number, etc. that are posted and accessible on the website.

User refers to any natural or legal persons that visit and/or use the website.

Website refers to the website with the domain name www.taypa.com.tr and sub-domain names connected to that domain name where “TAYPA’s” Services are provided.


2.1. The products and services available on the website are only for personal use of Users or persons they are legally authorized to represent, and cannot be used for any other purposes. For this reason, Users agree and undertake that they are not entitled to assign any of the rights and obligations they assume, by using the services available on the website, to third parties.

2.2. User agrees and undertakes not to reproduce, copy, distribute, process any pictures, texts, audio-visual images, video clips, files, database, catalogues and lists contained on the website, or engage in any attitudes and activities that directly and/or indirectly constitutes unfair competition.

2.3. User agrees and undertakes not to engage in activities, with regard to this website, which may likely to cause unfair competition under the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, not to commit in any act that may impair TAYPA’s and/or any third party’s personal or commercial reputation, or infringe or violate personal rights, and to act in accordance with the law, public order and ethics, to take necessary measures required by the law and comply with the procedures, not to commit acts that are illegal, criminal, offensive, or that violate personal rights, intellectual rights, copyrights, trademark rights and property rights.

2.4. TAYPA may use, process, share, disclose the User information, keep them in a database in a categorized manner, and/or use them for promotional and informative communication activities and marketing activities and for the purpose of conducting statistical analyses. TAYPA may also use data such as User’s IP address, site pages visited by the User, domain type, browser type, date, time, etc. for purposes of statistical evaluations and providing personally relevant services.

2.5. TAYPA is entitled to correlate the site visitor’s attitudes on the site with a cookie on the browser and define re-marketing lists based on the metrics such as number of site pages viewed, duration of visit and number of target completions, and to use marketing automation tools, and send personally tailored messages/offers and recommendations in order to conduct on-line behavioral advertising and marketing. Later on, target-oriented advertisement contents may be displayed to the User on the site or on the other sites in the Video Advertising Network according to Users’ points of interest.

2.6. By utilizing the website all Users acknowledge and agree that it is illegal to disassemble, modify, reverse engineer all or part of the website, to try to access the site in a manner that in any way may prevent, impair or interfere with the communication or technical systems of the website, to use “screen scraping” software or systems such as automated programs, roots, spiders, web crawlers, software for data mining or data trawling, etc., to use digital tools or manual processes on the website, to access data or software of other users without authorization, to use the website and its content in contrary to the terms and limitations described herein. In breach whereof, TAYPA shall have the right to resort to any kind of legal action it may deem appropriate. TAYPA shall also be entitled to notify the authorities upon detection of any such illegal action. The User hereby agrees that he/she shall be solely liable to indemnify any and all kind of damages suffered by TAYPA, arising out of or in connection with his/her illegal usage of the website.

2.7. User agrees and undertakes that TAYPA cannot be held liable for any direct and indirect losses likely to arise from the disruption of the Services offered at the website or errors, delays and failure in the transmission of information, and loss of data.

2.8 In case of links allowing to access another website or content on the website, Users accept and declare that their check or accuracy or sufficiency are not connected with TAYPA and TAYPA does not support these website in any way or guarantee accuracy of the information included herein and does not bear any responsibilities for the contents included on these website, TAYPA does not bear any responsibilities for any material or non-material, positive or negative and probable losses or expenses to arise out of use of these website.


The moral and financial rights (regulated as “Right of Processing” in Article 21, “Right of Reproduction” in Article 22, “Right of Distribution” in Article 23, “Right of Representation” in Article 24, and “Right to Communicate a Work to Public by Devices Enabling the Transmission of Signs, Sounds, and/or Images” in Article 25) of all elements contained in this website that are subject to copyrights such as any and all kinds of designs, texts, visuals, pictures, videos, images, html codes and other codes are either owned by TAYPA or used by TAYPA based on a license acquired. Users are not entitled to resell, process, copy, share, distribute, exhibit TAYPA’s services and the elements in the website that are subject to copyright or enable others to access or use TAYPA’s services. The elements contained in this website which are subject to copyright cannot be reproduced, adapted or distributed under this Terms of Use.

All kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights arising out of all trademarks, trade names and logos, emblems, slogans, pictures and other elements contained in this website are owned by TAYPA, and cannot be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, processed, publicized, represented or communicated to the public by devices enabling the transmission of signs, sounds and/or images, no modification may be performed on the materials, without the express written consent of TAYPA.


TAYPA shall be relieved of any compensation liability for delayed performance, partial or complete failure to perform its obligations in all circumstances that are deemed to be a force majeure event. A force majeure event means any extraordinary event including but not limited to natural calamities, war, fire, strike, riot, civil insurrection, bad weather conditions, infrastructure and internet failure, any malfunction or power failure due to system improvement and renovation works, and other comparable extraordinary event beyond TAYPA’s reasonable control, and which cannot be prevented in spite of any reasonable precaution.


In the event that application, interpretation of these Terms of Use and management of the legal relationships arising out of these Terms of Use bear any elements of foreignness, the Turkish Law shall be applied without considering the dispute rules of the Turkish laws. İstanbul Çağlayan Courts and Execution Offices are authorized for the settlement of any and all kinds of disputes having arisen or to arise out of these Terms of Use.


In the event that any of the provisions of these Terms of Use is deemed invalid in accordance with the applicable law or declared to be invalid by a competent legal authority or any courts, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected and continue to be in full force and effect.


These Terms of Use shall become effective at the date when they are published on the website by TAYPA. Users shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of these Terms of Use and any amendment to it by using the website.

Users irrevocably accept, declare and undertake that they have read the above website Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before accessing the website, shall comply with all the above provisions, the contents of the website and all the electronic medium and computer records belonging to TAYPA shall be accepted as final evidence pursuant to Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Visiting this website, Users accept and declare that TAYPA or its employees, managers, authorized persons or organizations do not bear any legal or criminal liabilities for any text, information, comment, view, news, image, picture, figure, graphic and other contents on the website belonging to whether TAYPA or third parties, for interruption, delay of the publication of or erroneous publication of these contents, for use of these contents or for the results of these decisions taken by them based on these contents, for any material or non-material, positive or negative and probable losses or expenses incurred since they did not read or did read but did not comply with the terms of use of the website, accuracy and/or sufficiency of the information included on the website are not guaranteed by TAYPA.

Users accept and declare that TAYPA or its employees, managers, authorized persons or organizations do not bear any legal or criminal liabilities for the use of information to be acquired as TAYPA’s logo or website pages are placed on another website in any form or as third parties or visitors upload any contents into the website, or for any contents not causing any liability due to use of the internet within the scope of general applications.