HR Policy

Selection and Placement Policy

We offer career and development opportunities to the proactive, result-oriented, talented, open-for-development and open-for-communication employees, who aim to work in the textile sector. Our main goal in the recruitment processes is to place the right candidates to the right job by analyzing the talents and skills of candidates.

We meet our need for employees through the applications made to the announcements published in career portals and the candidates coming through the internal references. We apply the measurement and evaluation tools required by the position to the candidates to be recruited.

Thanks to the “Trainee Programs”, we offer career opportunities to the talented persons who have recently graduated from university, and we prepare the new graduates for business life by encouraging them.

Wages and Social Rights Policy

Our basic philosophy is to implement ‘an equal pay for equal work policy’.

We prioritize justice and equity with the wage scale established as a result of job evaluation in compliance with the degrees of the positions. Every year in January month, we apply a wage increase in accordance with the employees’ positions and performances.

In our workplaces, we provide shuttle and catering services for all our employees in accordance with their shift hours. We also provide a variety of social rights / benefits appropriate to the protected groups (pregnant women, handicapped persons, under age persons, etc.).

Learning and Development Policy

Our goal is to support the career and social development of our employees with the professional and personal development programs.

We establish and implement the learning plans and programs together with our employees and managers according to the need analysis and the results of the Career Management and Performance Evaluation System.

With the “Manager Development Program”, we aim to develop the managerial skills as well as the professional and personal properties of our managers and manager candidates, and prepare them for the future.

Performance Evaluation Policy

Our basic policy is to ensure continuous development by measuring the productivity and performance of our employees with the objective criteria and tools.

We apply 2 separate performance evaluation systems being Goal Oriented and Competency Oriented. We apply the Competency Oriented Performance Evaluation System for all employees as 90 Degree; while we apply the Target Oriented Performance Evaluation System for the managers and affiliated employees. At the beginning of each year, the Board of Directors determines specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented and time-limited (SMART) targets separately for each manager in line with the Company targets; and these targets are followed on a monthly basis and those who realize their goals are rewarded.

Career Management Policy

Our basic philosophy is to support our employees to realize their career goals by providing career planning and development appropriate to their expectations of each employee.

We aim to bring up our senior executives among our employees.

The career path is open for all of our employees up to the General Director position. Our employees personally define, plan and direct their own career goals together with the Human Resources Department and their managers.

Employee Commitment and Motivation Policy

Our basic policy is to support the attractive social activities and events that will increase the motivation and commitment of our employees, in line with the principle of protecting work and private life balance of our employees.

We develop applications and activities that prioritize the satisfaction, motivation, commitment and working environment peace.

We plan and organize communication meetings and organizations as well as social, cultural and sports events in which our employees can actively participate in order to develop communication and collaboration, and to ensure cohesion among employees; we realize events such as football, bowling, table tennis tournaments, excursions, picnics, etc.