Message of the President

TAYPA is the name of a half-century old tradition in Turkish textile and ready-made clothing sector. We started our journey on the narrow sidewalks of Sultanhamam, and continue on the wide streets of the global world. When I applied to the tax office to establish my first company, they refused me saying that I am under age. In our first export connection, they found some of our products defective and returned them.

These developments did not discourage, but stimulate us.

And we learned how to play the game by its rules.

We have become one of the best ready-made clothing suppliers of the world by improving ourselves every passing day.

We are very simple people having three simple principles:

- Do the right thing, do it in the right way, do it in the right time! -

- Be a man of his word! -

- Smile! -

TAYPA is an emotional family providing first class service to the global clothing brands. Maybe, our emotionality prevents us from being a very cheap company; but it makes us one of the most “cost-effective” suppliers of the global market. Because we manufacture the products with love, but not with fear or ambition. We touch them, we pack them with love. We manufacture emotional relationships, but not products. We manufacture happiness and satisfaction!

The core of our work is being creative all the time. We are in pursuit of joy, dream and uninterrupted learning. Since those days when TAYPA was a small shop in Sultanhamam, we believed in a principal leadership. Our top management is made up of the leaders, but not the ordinary managers!

Our first business principle is honesty: being fair, equitable, tolerant, reliable, rigorous, open, loyal and dedicated to the good traditions of the humanity. Our second principle is being curious: to investigate everything that affects the success of our business. We always for the win/win approach. We have the abundance mentality: We think that everyone gets “its share” and look for synergistic solutions to the problems.

We believe that the good leader reflects the values and passions of his/her fellow partners. We sincerely respect the human rights, welfare and values of the people. We consider leadership as a responsibility, but not as a privilege. We serve. We deem the life as a mission: a mission to add value to everything we see in our neighborhood. Continuously. What punches the stone is the patience of the drops.

We are bound to our business with love. On a journey to the United States of America, I read Halil Cibran on the plane and was very impressed. He said: “If you cannot work with love, leave that job!” That’s right! Either work with love or go away with that! One of our line chiefs at our Silivri facilities told one of the new trainees: “Hey, watch out! We sew these for my darling, keep it in mind!” That's it!...

We are attentive to all of our stakeholders, who are the main pillars of TAYPA/TAYEKS Architecture: Our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our partners, our society. This attention is our character.

We have a character and a dream. Our dream reflects the content of our character.

We are ready to share both of them.

With those people who have a character and a dream ...

Best regards

Mesut Toprak